I have worked with cities across Europe and around the world as a journalist, PR, editor and photographer.  Cities as places to work, live, shop, have fun, learn. Cities have stories to tell with regards to sustainability, tourismplanning, building, investment, location, technology and development.

I currently edit and write for a forward-thinking global organisation on how cities need to be in the future to achieve long-term, viable growth, 

Client - Paris-based global organisation

Writing & Editing

Writing thought-leadership pieces on global urban topics, from cities to transport to technology and the role of cultural organisations. Editing online marketing material to ensure flow, accuracy and consistency. These are for audiences working in global, European, North American and Asian markets. 

Drafting Conference Topics

Drafting headlines and summaries for conference topics on subjects as diverse as how to do business in Africa to the effect of driverless cars on cities. This requires me to be an excellent researcher in a broad range of topics - quickly grasping subject matter and identifying latest trends.

Brand Consistency & Accurancy

Across all types of communication, including social media, live Twitter feeds, e-shots, blog posts, general marketing material, online and offline. This is about keeping the brand messaging consistent and accurate. 

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