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City Spaces

Cities have many stories to tell, about lifestyle, citizenship, social cohesion, tourism, travel, globalisation, design, architecture, culture, investment, location, technology, transport, green spaces and development.

I work for a variety of clients, including for MIPIM, the global real estate organisation, where I am the DIGITAL EDITOR-IN-CHIEF For MIPIM, I WRITE a weekly series of THOUGHT-LEADERSHIP on urban topics that include architectureculturedesign,  diversity & inclusion, speaker profilessustainability, travel & tourism and workspace.  

I also EDIT their  MARKETING MATERIAL to reflect the MIPIM corporate brand and to tailor their messaging to the five key MIPIM events in Europe, North America and Asia.

The 2020 MIPIM theme is 'The Future is Human', looking at how cities can improve people's quality of life.

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