I am the Digital Editor-in-Chief for MIPIM, the global real estate organisation, on a freelance basis. The 2020 MIPIM theme, 'The Future is Human', is about the role of cities in bringing quality of life for all. 

Cities have many stories to tell; about lifestyle, citizenship, social cohesiontourism, travel, globalisationdesign, architecture, cultureinvestment, locationtechnology, transport, green spaces and development.

As Digital Editor-in-Chief


- I write a weekly series of thought-leadership pieces on urban topics; including, sustainability, culture, design, tourism, hotels, workspace, diversity & inclusion

- I select the images and write the brief for the accompanying social videos and infographics. 

Editor marketing material

- Editing and writing marketing material, for the organisation's websites, newsletters and e-shots. 

- Ensuring brand consistency and accuracy in marketing material across events and conferences held in Europe, North America and Asia. 

Ideas & trends

- Proposing topics for written articles. 

- Fleshing out ideas for conference programmes. 

- Ensuring that the subject matter of written material is relevant, accurate and relatively future proof. 

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