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Our world is morphing into a seamless, global platform linked by stories

I specialise in how to make communications relevant, both words and images.

Here is what my clients say ...

"Working with us at Photo London, Gina showed dedicationpassion, commitment, professionalism, and a genuine understanding of what East Wing Gallery does and of the artists that we represent and the work that they do." 

Elie Domit, Director, East Wing Gallery (founded in Doha)

"Gina helped bring the messaging alive for our website and she came up with our strapline 'See, Feel, Capture, Create'.  It was pleasure working with Gina, and to experience a true professional at work - and one who understands the visual!

Holger Pooten, Founder, London Institute of Photography (London)

"As part of our expansion, we asked Gina to advise us on how to build our brand through social media, and to integrate this with our new website. Her insights into the luxury accessories markets and into digital communication were invaluable."

Yang Riches, Creative Director, Yang Jewellery (Bangkok)

"As project manager and copywriter for our new website, Gina worked creatively and efficiently to adapt the concept and to structure around the needs of our clients. She also wrote our corporate brochure. She is our go-to person for communications!"

John Duggan, Managing Director, Tancroft Communications (London)

"Gina has worked with us since our inception, organising photo shoots of the producers we work with across France. She’s a brilliant brand ambassador, fitting in well socially and professionally with our clients from around the world, and especially from Asia.” 

Sebastien Crozatier, Founder, Parallel 49 Wine Merchant (Lyon, France)

"As part of my media-training session, Gina took me through a live interview that I'd done on Sky TV. On screen, every second counts, and Gina provided invaluable insight into how best to put across my message. Her knowledge of how the media works is excellent."  

Felicity Morse, Journalist & Life Coach (London)

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