Food has always been a passion - food made from the heart using ingredients produced to the rhythms of nature. Food is the ultimate social and cultural experience. I launched my food travel blog in 2015, and have been involved in the scene since then, meeting, learning, document through my blog, taking photographs for clients, and writing and editing. 

Client - Clos Driver Wine Tours

I have taken a series of images for Clos Driver Wine Tours of small wine producers in Champagne, Alsace, Burgundy, Chablis and Beaujolais. The images were for marketing purposes, in particular for the Asian market.

Clos Driver's philosophy is to offer wine lovers "travel, discovery and learning about wine, all based on human encounters".  

In addition, I have done editing work for Clos Driver, and with each photo shoot I have spun off a series of blog posts for, which in turn opened the door for new clients for Clos Driver, in particular from the US market. 

Clos Driver

Other Clients

Work that I have done for other clients on food includes:

* Editing a global report on trends in food and restaurants.

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