I trained as a Professional Photographer at the London School of Photography in 2015/16. Since then I have worked for East Wing Gallery, specialists in contemporary photography, and for international photography fairs Photo London and Unseen Amsterdam.  I have also done brand strategy communications and copywriting for the London Institute of Photography in Shoreditch.   

Client - East Wing 

East Wing is an international platform bringing new perspectives through photography. I worked for East Wing at Photo London 2018 where their exhibits centred on 3 'disruptive' themes by 3 artists - plastic in the ocean (environment); migration (people); and energy (natural resources). 

My role was to:

   * Assist the Artistic Director, including mounting, exhibiting and deinstalling the booth, and liaising with the Director.

   * During the five days of the fair, explain the works of the 3 artists with 5 different series to visitors, with the aim of promoting the gallery, the artists and their work, and establishing relationships with potential new clients.

   * Help with the book-signing event of Beyond Drifting: Imperfectly Known Animals (selected as one of the Ten Best Photography Books of 2017 by the Smithsonian) and the launch of Double Take, based on the ICONS series by Zurich-based photographers Jojakim Cortis & Adrian Sonderegger.

East Wing Gallery

East Wing artists at Photo London 2018 ...

Mandy Barker is renowned for her work highlighting the dangers of plastic marine debris. Shortlisted for the Prix Pictet Award SPACE 2017. Series at Photo London: Soup and Beyond Drifting: Imperfectly Known Animals.

Arko Datto looks to push the boundaries of the image with diverse styles. Winner of Prix Voies Off at Arles 2017. At Photo London, for the first exhibit: Shunyo Raja / Kings of a Bereft Land about the effects of rising sea levels.

Caleb Charland sees 'wonder' as the basis of his practice. At Photo London: Back to Light (expanding on the age-old school experiment of the potato battery) and Paper Negatives (experiments with light and folded paper).

Jojakim Cortis & Adrian Sonderegger signing copies of their new book Double Take, based on their ICON series and featuring 38 recreations of the world's most iconic photos. At the East Wing booth, Photo London.

Client - London Institute of Photography

Shoreditch-based photography school founded by professional photographer Holger Pootens, whose work has been commissioned by the likes of Adidas, BMW and Nikon and published by Vogue and The Guardian.

My work for LIoP has included:

* Carrying out a UX review of LIoP's existing website.

* Creating the 'superpower' strapline: 'see, feel, capture, create'. 

* Developing a key messaging pattern for the website copy. 

* Advising on web pagination.

* Writing all the copy for the new website.

* Writing a blog post on my experience of the LIoP Street & Documentary Course.

London Institute of Photography

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